Monday, February 6, 2012

Coffee Doodle

First post of 2012. Yay. *blows party horn*
Whenever me and Nadia had the chance to hang out at a coffee joint, I'd bring along my Galaxy Tab. We'd sip our coffee, surfing and youtubing away with the free WiFi.

Today, out of boredom, she decided to mess around with Autodesk SBMX and came up with this doodle. "Coffee Doodle", she called it. I managed to snap a picture (with Android's Retro Camera, so there's not much Photoshopping involved aside from the watermark) of her progress and I decided to upload it here.

The thing about this piece is her pen stroke. First time drawing with fingers? Maybe. But there's character. That red spot on the nose is a reflection of a downlight. Rudolph? Flu? I dunno but in the end, it's something worth uploading to me ;)

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